Improving Your Conversion Reduces the Need to Constantly Promote Your Sites


Improving Your Conversion Reduces the Need to Constantly Promote Your Sites. Michael Fortin was doing a seminar for one of his members on conversion and testing for website owners wanting more out of the traffic they already enjoy, rather than [...]

Supercharge Your Thunderbird Email Client Part 2


Most Thunderbird add-ons are available by using the Mozilla add-ons web site:  Next, download the Thunderbird Add-On.  Click new Add-ons Manager - The newest Add-ons Manager is now able to find, download, and install Thunderbird Add-ons including Extensions, Themes, [...]

Building A Web Presence That Kicks-A$$ On The Competition! (Part II)


Building A Web Presence That Kicks-A$$ On The Competition! (Part II) Let's continue on the journey of building your site to be SEO attractive to the various platforms (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Best Of The Web) that provide search results. [...]

Building A Web Presence That Kicks-A$$ On The Competition! (Part I)


I assumed that everyone knows how important a website is to any business's online marketing strategy. Whether your target market is local or global, you absolutely must have an online presence to reach potential buyers. But strangely enough, my assumption [...]

Two Key Ingredients That Make A Great Recipe for a Strong Web Presence


Website design and maintenance, should be two things that are always deeply connected, they are key ingredients to developing a powerful web presence. These two items are interwoven with each other because one element of the equation alone isn’t enough. [...]

Make Your Mark With Signature And Business Cards And Start Buzzing About Your Business


There are two quick but powerful list-building strategies. Insert a signature file on all outgoing emails, including your autoresponder emails. A signature card is a call to action. Ask the reader of your email if they have subscribed to your [...]

Cheap Internet Banner Advertising – Friend or Foe?


For years internet banner advertising dominated the World Wide Web. Everyone was bidding ridiculously high amounts of money for banner advertisements. Then came the dot com crash and banner advertisements lost its luster. Internet banner advertising has become a thing [...]

5 Promotional Strategies That Will Guarantee Increased Traffic To Your Website


Maybe it is time to do an audit of your current web presence and set some new goals and a new action plan for achieving these goals. Diligence, perseverance and the determination of raging rhino are some traits that will [...]

Turn Your Business Around With Postcard Advertising


First of all, let’s get this straight – all advertising campaigns work. Whether it’s postcard marketing or brochure printing materials, it works. The outcome now depends on how you fully understand the medium you’re going to use (its strengths and [...]

Article Marketing – The Small Business’ Best Friend


Article Marketing - The Small Business' Best Friend. Article marketing is an excellent marketing strategy that works like crazy and is virtually cost free. The current massive growth of article marketing to drive traffic to websites, establish credibility and to [...]